4 Ways Hong Kong Tutors Can Draft Better Tuition Assignments

For the tutors in Hong Kong, it is highly essential to know how much the students here rely on their tuition assignments. Hence, it is important for you to be more careful and creative while preparing the same. Need help? Find out here.

Chin Yune
Chin Yune

Parents in Hong Kong are highly serious about their children’s education. Spending the largest amounts of money, around HK$125,451 a year on average, they expect their kids to get nothing less than the best. This is the biggest reason why they look for best home tuition agencies in Hong Kong. In order to help their children with an academic career and to increase their chances of success in today’s competitive environment, hiring a private home tutor seems to be the optimal solution.


In Despite of plenty of study material available, parents and students, both desire for study guides, or better assignments which cater simplest and easiest to learn information. Now this puts considerable pressure on the Hong Kong’s tutors. To improve the structure of tuition assignments, tutors must follow these tips:

Optimized format

You need to understand that every pupil is different; hence, the same formula will not work for all. It is thus advised to draft tuition assignments matching with a student’s learning method. You need to look for a convenient method to gauge their responses, conduct a proper test accordingly, and it will positively influence their grades. It can be in all kinds of formats like multiple choices, essays, short Q/A, research projects, critical thinking, etc. Find out a better idea of what works for whom and make students comfortable.

Creative learning

Gone are the days when tutors enforced students to be bookworms. Now you need to build a new strategy, gathering reference material from different places, adding them to your tuition assignments. Start searching for relevant video and audio files, even or website links can be added, which will make it easy for your students to access and learn. Now they will not lose interest and no more complaints about boredom.

Maintain a difficulty level

Yes, you are there to simplify things, but this never means you don’t need to test your pupil. With the expected level of difficulty, which they would be able to handle, you can give the best results. Start with the easy thing, but gradually move higher on the difficultly scale.

The fun element:

It is essential to spark interest among your students. You can do this by asking them to try something different from what they normally do. The tuition assignments must revolve around something which students can relate and understand relevant concepts better. For example, if it is about mathematics, the problems addressing issues they face on daily basis can be added.

So, these were few couple of ways to help tutors rethink the purpose of the tuition assignments. And with the above ways you will be able to make a difference among your contenders.

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