How difficult is to find Home Tutors for Primary School students?

Finding a good home tutor for primary school students is really a tough job. You need to check many things before hiring a tutor. Read this blog to know how the selection process of a home tutor is important.

Chin Yune
Chin Yune

Primary school education is meant to be an introduction that forms a strong foundation; a strong base for student’s learning. However, the basics have become much more complex and beyond understanding that students are unable to cope and learning becomes stressful. Primary school students are young as well and that makes it so much more difficult for us to assess what kind of learners they are, and about their strengths and weaknesses.

So, how difficult is it to find the right home tutors for primary school (小學 上門 補習) students? Is it a real challenge?


Tuition teachers have to make sure that they keep their lessons engaging and most importantly, to teach according to the student. They understand that students have a disparate world of thought and in order to establish a strong teacher-student relationship, they have to make the effort to get into the headspace of the student. This is not an easy skill to pick up in teaching and requires quite a bit of experience. With many years of teaching young students, teachers would then be able to understand how to understand the mindset and teach accordingly.





Good tutors do not have any prejudices, in other words, they will be unbiased with all their students. Tuition teachers are trusted educators, and they understand students’ concerns and dilemmas. It is challenging to find tutors who are good guiders in terms of academics, giving advice and teaching right and wrong. Primary school students are still young and it is the perfect time to sow the seeds of good thoughts and positive mindset which will one day sprout and grow into a large tree of great thoughts and actions.


Young children have a habit of comparing themselves with other children for their exam marks and feeling upset about it for days. Primary school Home tutors need to be a strong sense of moral support to help students understand that it’s not the be-all and end-all of life and thus motivation is needed.

Home tutors give their students the confidence to believe in the possibility of improving and excelling. It takes lots of time and effort for all of it to manifest itself in the form of good results, but tutors understand that being patient and working with tenacity is crucial.


Young minds are vulnerable and they need lots of support to grow and thrive in a healthy way. Parents these days are too busy to take care of their children and they inevitably depend on home tutors to do this job and hence home tutors have a great responsibility embedded in their job. Children look up to grown-ups for advice and responses during difficult situations and hence primary school home tutors need to be the right role models.

As long as the basics are built strong, students will be then able to grasp the bigger topics; the more advanced concepts much easier. Hence, connect with the right tuition agency (補習 中介 ),  finding the right home tutors are important and this selection process has to be done with care.

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