Top 8 qualities to consider while choosing a private tutor in Hong Kong

Private tutoring is considered as the ‘shadow of the education system’. It is nowadays followed by the masses as a global trend.

Chin Yune
Chin Yune

Competitive parenting has transformed private tutoring into an enormous development industry nowadays. Whether it’s trying to get their kids through specific exams or ensuring they get into the best colleges, parents with the methods will apparently persevere relentlessly to pick up leverage.

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Here are the top 8 qualities that you need to follow while choosing a private tutor in Hong Kong;

* While hiring a private tutor, do ask about their degree-level qualification so that you know what academic qualification your child’s private tutor has.

*It is important that a tutor has this experience of transmitting thoughts and learning. More experienced the tutors are, the quicker your child will grab the lessons and learning skills.

*Guardians must check the qualifications of a tutor before hiring them. Get some information about their picture ID or a copy of their DBS certificate. If they aren’t, ask them a reason for not having.

*Work out with a tutor in your preparatory game plans, what their Terms and Conditions are. Ask about areas like the cancellation policy and the payment policy.

*Obviously, it is vital that guardians feel good with a tutor, however, a few tutors regularly discuss preferable with students than adults. So, make sure the tutor is comfortable with your child.

*Great tutors will be a model of professionalism, showing reliability, genuineness and timeliness to their students. If you didn’t find any of these, cancel the deal.

*Last, but not the least, feedback is a must! Tutors should provide consistent and compelling feedback to students and parents on the level of progress being made.

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