Tutors are no less than a blessing for the busy parent in Hongkong. Confused about hiring the best tutor? Here’s something useful, find out.

Chin Yune
Chin Yune

As a parent, you are responsible for your child’s physical and academic growth. Right? Is your child lost in the haze of elementary grammar rules? Or he is sinking fast in the jumble of Newton’s laws in middle school? Or he fails to grab the mathematics formulae? If yes, then you and your child need help.


So basically, you need a tutor in Hongkong! For many frustrated parents, it can be a big problem when it comes to hiring a tutor. Reason being, each child has unique needs and problems. Therefore, you need a tutor who not only have the required degree but is also well versed with the know-how and depth of making a student learn. To thoroughly investigate the skill, experience, and personality of the tutor, here are some points to consider. Have a look:

*Study about the different types of home tutors!

You need to be aware of the tutors you can hire. Generally, in Hong Kong you will deal with:

#Undergraduates and ‘A’ Level students: While they have relevant knowledge, yet the lack of teaching know-how doesn’t make them a good choice.

#Current and ex-school teachers: These are a good option as they have the right teaching experience and are known to different methods to deal with a wide group of kids. Due to the hectic schedules, you might face a problem with time slots.

#Full-time tutors: Being the best option, it fills the gap between inexperienced tutors and expert teachers. They combine the best of both above-stated options.

* Check for the academic levels and subjects carefully!

Have you checked the tutor’s grades for the subject/s he is teaching? Somewhere the grades he achieved years ago will reflective his command of the subject now. In case, he specialises in any particular subject, makes sure you check for certifications.

* Assess the tutor’s personality!

Once you get a good tutor, ensure he is a perfect fit. He needs to be pleasant but knowledgeable, firm but patient. And it is you who can judge the best for your child. Considering what your child need in his education provider, pick a good tutor.

Hence, before your child falls way behind the class, and it becomes difficult for him to recover, make a wise decision. Get him the best tutor and help him grow and learn.

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