Why do we need English and Math Tuition?

Math and English both are complexes as well as compulsory subjects. So students need proper guidance. Sometimes students hesitate to ask any doubt in a classroom. So tuition is option for them where they can tell their queries regarding where they are facing difficulty in the subject.

Chin Yune
Chin Yune

The education system has changed to a great extent and it is not the same as it was 5 years ago. It changes constantly and the reason why this evolvement is necessary is that time is changing and the needs of the human population are changing as well. In order to adapt to the changing needs of this globalized world and modern society, the young population of the country needs to have the aptitude to cope and contribute; and to value-add to all aspects.




The reason why tuition has become such a trend and has seen a rise in prominence is that education has become a true challenge with which students are unable to cope and it has become a huge struggle. Apart from academics, students have other commitments such as lead work and extra-curricular activities and hence with the left-over minimal time in their hands, students are unable to have effective study sessions. 

Tuition teachers are a great source of support because they will be able to construct that conducive learning environment and provide that opportunity for an effective study session. Hence, realize the importance of it, students and parents appreciate the importance of tuition and many opt for this option to score good grades. 





The English language is absolutely essential for communication and for learning. The world functions based on this language and if one is able to speak eloquently, as well as to write well such that their points of information are communicated succinctly, then it’s a great advantage. Knowledge is not only about internalizing information and memorizing content; one needs to know how to express it well, which means to explain it to others in a way that they understand. 

Math, on the other hand, is a subject that may seem complex because of how abstract concepts may be. School teachers may be in a rush to complete the syllabus and hence students may be unable to cope with what their teachers are going through in class which causes them to become stressed and the subject may seem to give anxiety. With math tuition (數學 補習), students can get proper guidance and that will reduce their anxiety, as well as help them understand the subject better; at a deeper level. 




A “mastery method” is needed in order to consolidate learning and this means that the system emphasizes the importance of a thorough understanding of the core concepts which act as the foundations. Beginner concepts should be introduced gradually, and that acts as the base for many complex concepts to be built on top of. Big ideas should be broken down into smaller concepts, and that way it will be much easier to internalize concepts. Application to real-life scenarios will show the practical aspect of learning and that makes everything much more relevant. 


There are many English tuition (補習 英文) teachers who are well-versed in the language are willing to teach students no matter how weak they are. There are also many math tuition teachers who are willing to give their best to produce good results. At the end of the day, it’s in the hands of students to work hard with persistence and move on with determination!

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